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Victoria Property Management - Ken & Shannon Matheson

“VPM’s strength has always been the quality of its people and their commitment to our core values of integrity, vision, strategy, focus and direction. With the average staff member with us for seven years and some since the beginning seventeen years ago, we feel privileged to work with such a fantastic team.”

……… Ken Matheson

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Property Managers

Our full-service Property Management team provides an OUTSTANDING customer service experience to our property owners and tenants alike. Our property managers are licensed Realtors and provide a unique expertise and knowledge of our local real estate market.

Property Managers










Back row, L to R – Dorothy Madrid, Suzanne Shockey
Front row, L to R – Kyle Matheson, Kathy Rosko, Patty Napoleon, John Guzman

Accounting Team

VPM’s specialized real estate accounting provides owners with the flexibility to make timely decisions based on the most current financial information. With an emphasis on customizable reporting solutions, VPM’s accounting team supports our property management division.

Victoria Property Management Accounting Team








L to R – Ilona Griffin, Shannon Matheson, Alesia Langer, Elita Zaloga, Tonya Varca, Paul Laiefsky

Administrative Team

Our personable and energetic administrative team supports every aspect of VPM’s operations, from being the “first contact” with our company to helping our Property Managers with complex management paperwork, scheduling, and reporting requirements.

Victoria Property Management Admin Team









L to R – Casandra Berry, Janice Smith, Heather Jugovich

Maintenance Team

Our team of experienced, qualified technicians are well versed in all aspects of building repair and maintenance. They are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to handle emergencies.

Victoria Properties management maintenance team